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We spent 2 nights at this awesome camping/hostel/compound kind of thing called Melaleuca Surfside Backpackers. It was so not what I was expecting but so cool. Everything was super rustic and outdoors, there were so many tropical plants and just plants everywhere it really felt like we were out in a jungle or something. The bathrooms were outside, pretty much everything was outside.

No one showered for three days haha. At one point I woke up in the middle of the night really having to pee and gave a gigantic possum that was chilling in the toilets eating a pear the scare of its life.

When we first got there we explored around a bit, had some dinner and did this huge beer pong tournament. Thursday we had an absolutely packed day. We all woke up for the sunrise on the beach which was stunning.

Then we loaded onto these converted army vehicles they had to go 4WD on the sand dunes. Dad and Carter would have LOVED IT. It made driving on the beach in Nantucket look like driving through a parking lot. We were flying up and down these massive sand dunes. Video to come. Then we arrived at one to go sand boarding down which was pretty cool to watch but the dune was SO steep it actually made me really nervous which I wasn’t really expecting to be, so I only did it twice and then just took a bunch of photos and videos instead.

After a bit of that we drove along this stunning beach and went clam digging. One of the leaders had a sharp knife and we ate the clams right there on the beach which I loved.

The beach was right near a Great White Nursery so he was telling us all about the different sharks that were loaded into the water. Apparently theres this cool video on Youtube about people feeding the sharks by going out on surfboards and dropping a load of bait in the water. I think he said it was called Stockton Beach Sharks on Youtube, I’m writing it down now because I don’t have internet at the moment and want to remember to watch it myself haha.

After that we went on a hike in Tomaree National Park to this gorgeous peak that looked over the water.

The rest of Thursday was pretty chilled out, we all just hung out and talked. Friday morning we went on a dolphin cruise (and we actually saw some!!), had fish and chips, saw MASSIVE pelicans!


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