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Katie’s Blog

We spent 2 nights at this awesome camping/hostel/compound kind of thing called Melaleuca Surfside Backpackers. It was so not what I was expecting but so cool. Everything was super rustic and outdoors, there were so many tropical plants and just plants everywhere it really felt like we were out in a jungle or something. The […]

Emily’s Blog

How to go camping in Australia! Rent a car and set off Saturday morning. Drive 200km north (or in my case, sleep in the backseat while a friend drives). Arrive Nelson Bay, wander around the grocery store like a bunch of zombies looking for pancake batter. Locate pancake batter. Set up tents at Melaleuca Backpackers […]

Trips on a bike Blog

It was decided that Port Stephens would be the end of the road for our trip, as it would allow us to be back in Newcastle early the next day to catch the train home. Knowing that we had a short and easy day, we committed to a long stop at Murray’s Brewery, about 30km […]

Clear & Anthony’s Blog

Port Stephens is located on the North Coast 200 kms from Sydney by car. We will go along the coast to join this famous seaside resort . To get there, you need a car, that’s good it will be our first car rental and a first for Anthony to drive to the left. Port Stephens is particularly known for its 26 […]

Amber’s Blog

Melaleuca Port Stephens is a fabulous campground for backpackers (or anyone who wants to camp) which is run by a very welcoming couple. The owners also rescue animals including a beautiful kangaroo named Josie.  Josie was 16 years old and chooses to stay with this family as there are no gates around the campground.  She is […]

Jemma’s Review

Such a great place to stay for a true Aussie experience! Cabins are cozy and comfortable And the owners were so friendly & helpful. Great location just a short walk to the beach with lots of animals to spot in the surrounds.

Emma’s Review

Stayed for a week at the end of last year on a spare of the moment decision and we loved it. Beautiful ambience, scenery, facilities were great and the owners were so helpful and friendly 🙂 Josie the kangaroo was so friendly and you can walk over to the beach… Will definitely be back to visit soon 🙂

Dan’s Review

A must for anyone travelling the east coast! Mick and Michelle are both lovely, the place is great and if you get a chance do the sandboarding! Could have stayed so much longer but realised we actually have to get up the east coast! One mile beach is a minute walk away! Just loved it! […]