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Melaleuca Port Stephens is a fabulous campground for backpackers (or anyone who wants to camp) which is run by a very welcoming couple. The owners also rescue animals including a beautiful kangaroo named Josie.  Josie was 16 years old and chooses to stay with this family as there are no gates around the campground.  She is welcome to come and go as she pleases!   As a group we played games by the beach until the early hours of the morning followed by a cozy sleep in the cabins for 6.

The next morning our day was filled with activities! We took 4×4 trucks through the sand dunes and went sand boarding … which is much more difficult than one would think! Tip: DO NOT put your feet out otherwise you will fly off the board! After getting covered in sand we washed off at Nelson’s Bay… Great White Shark breeding nursery.  We also found some neat creatures… Pee-pee’s! This is Aussie slang for clams!

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